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D. Clausse " Spercooling, crystallization and melting within emulsions and divided systems"
 A Acheter
The main topics of the book are dealing with supercooling , crystallization, melting and mass transfers within emulsions (simple, mixed or multiple) and nodules used in thermal energy storage tanks. Solid ripening, composition ripening, gas hydrate formation, are particularly evidenced by experiments, essentially Calorimetry (DSC), and described by diffusive models.
The dispersed materials are essentially either pure (water or organic compounds) or in solution (water + electrolytes or two organic substances).
Taking into account the composition of the emulsion, the scanning rate of the temperature and the important thermal effects due to the latent heat of transformation, heat transfers models precise the spatial kinetics of crystallizations or meltings.
Pr Danièle CLAUSSE UTC Compiègne (France)
Pr Jean Pierre DUMAS Université Pau (France)

An Account of Thermodynamic Entropy
by Alberto Gianinetti

DOI: 10.2174/97816810839331170101
eISBN: 978-1-68108-393-3, 2017
ISBN: 978-1-68108-394-0

Calorimetry and Thermal Methods in Catalysis (2013)

Aline Auroux
ISBN 978-3-642-11953-8 561 pages
Publisher Description: The book is about calorimetry and thermal analysis methods, alone or linked to other techniques, as applied to the characterization of catalysts, supports and adsorbents, and to the study of catalytic reactions in various domains: air and wastewater treatment, clean and renewable energies, refining of hydrocarbons, green chemistry, hydrogen production and storage. The book is intended to fill the gap between the basic thermodynamic and kinetics concepts acquired by students during their academic formation, and the use of experimental techniques such as thermal analysis and calorimetry to answer practical questions. Moreover, it supplies insights into the various thermal and calorimetric methods which can be employed in studies aimed at characterizing the physico-chemical properties of solid adsorbents, supports and catalysts, and the processes related to the adsorption desorption phenomena of the reactants and/or products of catalytic reactions. The book also covers the basic concepts for physico-chemical comprehension of the relevant phenomena. Thermodynamic and kinetic aspects of the catalytic reactions can be fruitfully investigated by means of thermal analysis and calorimetric methods, in order to better understand the sequence of the elemental steps in the catalysed reaction. So the fundamental theory behind the various thermal analysis and calorimetric techniques and methods also are illustrated..

Introduces and describes the capabilities of Fast Scanning Calorimetry (FSC) measurement instrumentation
Relié: 801 pages
Editeur : Springer International Publishing AG; Édition : 1st ed. 2016 (28 juin 2016)
Langue : Anglais
ISBN-10: 3319313274
ISBN-13: 978-3319313276